Automatic Sleeve Box Making Machine

1. Fast speed, up to 20-25 per minute;

2. Compared with the traditional box-type process, paper and board can be saved by 20% - 50%, with high cost performance;

3. Compared with the traditional box type, the box seams are reduced from 4 to 1, with more nice;

4.Equipped with automatic bubble press machine, to avoid scratching on the surface of the box, ensure its quality, and improve its delicacy.


Max. Paper Size

350×660mm(L×W) With Bottom Paper


Min. Paper Size



Min. Box Size



Max. Box Size



Paper thickness



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Slip Case Making Machine Solution

Slip case making machine is an ideal automation equipment for making hardcover gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, and perfume boxes.

Why 100+ Clients Choose Jingang Machinery

R&D Engineering

Our company's products are on the path of independent research and development and excellent improvement.


we will conduct an independent research and development of products based on the needs of the market and customers

Reliable Quality

Nearly 50 CNC processing equipment, strictly control the processing of parts and components, and test the parts and the whole machine to ensure the quality of the machine

Comprehensive service

After the machine arrives at the customer, install and debug the machine for the customer, and provide professional operation and maintenance training.

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Jingang Machinery supply slip case making machine,cell phone box making machine,mobile box making machine,perfume box making machine related information.

The box making machine manufacturer tells you that the process of producing wine boxes starts with design and preparation, printing, cutting, folding, gluing and packaging.
Drawer box-making machine manufacturer tells you that drawer boxes are widely used in packaging boxes and have diverse structures. They are not only highly practical but can also increase the added value of products through decoration.
slip case making machine
Check the working status of the slip case making machine equipment.Check the installation status of the mold to ensure that the mold is not loose or swinging.Adjust the height and level of the mold to ensure mold pressure balance and stable molding quality.


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