Chinese original machine, which is using the most advanced technology, with high efficiency and high safety performance, creates the highest quality box for customers!

Box-making process
Master the professional box making process, provide process guidance in all aspects, and help customers improve product quality and productivity;
R&D team
It has a professional R&D team to develop machine plans according to customer needs;
After-sales service team
It is equipped with a large after-sales service team to support online fast remote guidance and offline professional after-sales service.

1. Convenient operation, high degree of automation and labor saving; Can make red wine box, liquor box, Baijiu box and other wine boxes;

2.Feeder has a high paper loading height to reduce the number of times of stopping and feeding; The machine is designed to prevent scratches on the paper, and the conveyor belt prevents glue residue;

3. High positioning accuracy; The thermal insulation and energy saving design of the drying unit ensures consistent production capacity;

4. The machine is fast with a capacity of 20-25 pieces/minute;

5. With more than ten years of experience in the production of wine box machines, and mastering the professional wine box making process, it can provide technical guidance in all aspects and help customers improve product quality and productivity.

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1. Fast speed, up to 20-25 per minute;

2. Compared with the traditional box-type process, paper and board can be saved by 20% - 50%, with high cost performance;

3. Compared with the traditional box type, the box seams are reduced from 4 to 1, with more nice;

4.Equipped with automatic bubble press machine, to avoid scratching on the surface of the box, ensure its quality, and improve its delicacy.

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1. Adopt visual positioning, with accuracy of ± 0.1mm, and the machine speed is fast, up to 40 pieces/minute;

2. The glue system can select white glue or hot glue. When selecting hot glue, a glue viscosity meter is also equipped. The environmental requirements for glue use are low.

3. The mechanical wrapping makes the wrapping more compact, the corners more beautiful, and the process more reasonable;

4. Small floor area, convenient operation, and perfect after-sales support.

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1. Compared with the traditional box type, the overall joint of the box is only two places, and at the back bottom, box is more beautiful;

2. It saves more board and paper than the traditional rigid box process, and improves the material utilization rate.

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