Automatic Book-Type Box Making Machine

1. Compared with the traditional box type, the overall joint of the box is only two places, and at the back bottom, box is more beautiful;

2. It saves more board and paper than the traditional rigid box process, and improves the material utilization rate.


Max. Paper Size


Min. Paper Size


Max. Box Size


Min. Box Size


Paper Thickness


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Book-Type Box Making Machine Solution

Jingang Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in Automatic Book Box Assembly Machine, providing Book-Type Box Making Machine assembled with gray cardboard and white cardboard outside, suitable for shoulder box,hardcover gift boxes,sweet boxes,dessert boxes and chocolate boxes, the precision and High-efficiency is fitting for the high quality book style rigid box making.

Book-Type Box Making Machine
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Non-standard customized machines according to different customer product requirements;

According to product requirements, it can provide linkage line solutions to meet the needs of customers in all aspects of products at one time;

Conduct professional training for customer technical operators to quickly understand the operation and maintenance of the machine;

Provide after-sales remote service for the machine, which can help customers solve machine problems quickly and accurately.

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