Automatic Wine Box Making Machine

1. Convenient operation, high degree of automation and labor saving; Can make red wine box, liquor box, Baijiu box and other wine boxes;

2.Feeder has a high paper loading height to reduce the number of times of stopping and feeding; The machine is designed to prevent scratches on the paper, and the conveyor belt prevents glue residue;

3. High positioning accuracy; The thermal insulation and energy saving design of the drying unit ensures consistent production capacity;

4. The machine is fast with a capacity of 20-25 pieces/minute;

5. With more than ten years of experience in the production of wine box machines, and mastering the professional wine box making process, it can provide technical guidance in all aspects and help customers improve product quality and productivity.


Max. Paper Size

500×660mm(L×W) With Bottom Paper

Min. Paper Size


Min. Box Size


Max. Box Size


Paper thickness


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Min. Box Size


L100×W100×H150 mm

Max. Box Size



Paper thickness



Cardboard thickness






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FAQ about Automatic Wine Box Making Machine
Do you have a question?Everything you need to know about the product and how it works.

What is the use of the automatic wine box making machine?

It can automatically complete the processes of cutting, folding, gluing and forming wine boxes, greatly improving production efficiency and quality.

What is the production speed of the wine box making machine?

25 boxes per minute, the specific speed depends on the model of the machine and production requirements.

What kind of boxes can the automatic wine box making machine make?

It can make a variety of types of wine boxes, including upright boxes, horizontal boxes, folding boxes, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

How many people are needed to operate the automatic wine box making machine?

The automatic wine box making machine only requires 1-2 people to operate, and the machine can automatically complete most of the production process.
Applications of Rigid Box Machine For Wine Box

Rigid box machine used in gift boxes, candy boxes, tea boxes, cosmetic boxes, electronic product boxes, mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxes, watch boxes, and sweet boxes.

Wine Box Making Machine
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Non-standard customized machines according to different customer product requirements;

According to product requirements, it can provide linkage line solutions to meet the needs of customers in all aspects of products at one time;

Conduct professional training for customer technical operators to quickly understand the operation and maintenance of the machine;

Provide after-sales remote service for the machine, which can help customers solve machine problems quickly and accurately.

Rigid Box Machine For Wine Box Production Line

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