Drawer box making machine manufacturer tells you what are the benefits of drawer boxes in packaging boxes

October 10, 2023
Mike Dooley

We all know that there are many structures of packaging boxes. Generally, the ones we see more often are nothing more than top-and-ground cover boxes and clamshell boxes. In addition to these two types, there is also a drawer box. The way to open the drawer box is to slowly pull it out, which is quite mysterious. This kind of structure is also quite distinctive, and gift boxes or jewelry boxes are generally used.


Drawer box-making machine manufacturer tells you that drawer boxes are widely used in packaging boxes and have diverse structures. They are not only highly practical but can also increase the added value of products through decoration.

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1. Wide range of uses
The manufacturer of the drawer box making machine tells you that the drawer-type packaging box is also inspired by the common drawers in our daily lives. The lid and the box body are two independent structures. The lid is tube-shaped, and the box body is a disk. Forming. Packaging boxes with this structure are suitable for gift packaging, clothing packaging, jewelry packaging, cosmetic packaging, etc.

2. Structural Diversification
Another advantage of drawer boxes is that they can be divided into categories. Different from other packaging box types, drawer boxes are available in single-layer, double-layer, or even multi-layer. drawer box making machine Manufacturing will give you an example. For example, this mooncake packaging box is a double-layered drawer box. Different flavors can be placed on the upper and lower layers respectively, which not only satisfies the appetite of customers but also makes the product arrangement more orderly and beautiful.

3. Increase added value
Drawer boxes made of paper materials are not only highly practical but can also enhance the added value of the product through decoration. Through hot stamping, UV, embossing, printing, and other processes, it can not only beautify the packaging box but also highlight the product brand and play an advertising role.

After reading so many benefits of the drawer box above, do you also want to try such a box? The manufacturer of the drawer box making machine tells you that you can try to innovate and experiment when conditions permit, and you will often get unexpected results. Effect.

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